Business Opportunity with Winslows

No Capital Required - Proven Business Model

What does it take to join our team?

Many retail operations with adequate space for a minimal display of at least 3 buildings can benefit substantially from our business model. If you have a location with high visibility with a good traffic count, on site sales staff during business hours and a strong drive to grow your business, you may wish to join our team.

What to expect from us?

  • The highest commission in the industry. You can earn up to 15% commission!
  • Great displays. We want to install great looking displays of the kind of buildings your customers want, this makes your job of selling buildings easy.
  • Financing - we have several sources for financing buildings for your customers - this creates more opportunity for you.
  • Great training and support - we will ask you to come to our plant and home office for general orientation, pricing and sales training and we will come to your office for additional follow up sales training. We want you to be successful!

What make us different?

  • Our commitment to customer satisfaction. When a customer comes to your location and buys from you, he expects you to provide good customer service so inturn you are entrusting our company with your reputation and we will work tirelessly to maintain that trust. We pride ourselves on good communication and providing the best customer experience possible.
  • Depending on your location we might be able to" bring the whole package" supply Portable buildings as well as steel frame buildings and even pole barns.
  • Flexibility is a key component in what makes us different - we provide more door, window, and structural options than our competitors, this consistently gives you a leg up over the other guys because you can offer things they simply cannot.
  • Reputation - Simply do your due diligence, check out the competition online see what others have to say!

What types of businesses do well with our products?

  • If your company builds or sells portable buildings, you are already familiar with building terminology and understanding customer needs pertaining to the many benefits of outbuildings and that makes you a good fit! This type businesses usually have ample property for the placement of displays.
  • Businesses that build or sell utility trailers are also a good fit for selling our product. They usually have the property available for displays and they are located in a visible, high traffic location.
  • Other businesses that can do well with our product are agricultural feed and farm supply retailers, hardware stores, equipment rental companies and landscape material suppliers.
  • While these types of businesses work well with our product, opportunities are not limited to those types. If you believe that your business is ideal for selling our products, please contact us and we will consider your place of business for our product line.

What we need to know!

  • Are you credit worthy?
  • What kind of business are you currently in?
  • Do you currently have access to a property suitable for the display of buildings?
  • Does this location have an on site sales office?
  • Does this property have high visibility, high traffic count and maintain a sales staff during standard business hours?

We are currently looking for locations in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Questions or Requests?

Please feel free to fill out our quick contact form and one of our representatives will be happy to help you.